Year 2020 Vol. 28 No 5

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A.P. Trukhan 1, D.G. Tereshko 2, T.A. Letkovskaya 2
Comparative Evaluation of Effectivity of the Intraperitoneal and Intramuscular Administration of Methylethyl Pyridinol Hydrochloride (Emoxypine) in Traumatic Damage of Extremity Muscles
432 Main Military Clinical Medical Center of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus 1
Belorussian State Medical University 2, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 491-497 of the original issue

D.I. Varfolomeev, V.G. Samoday
Assessment of Hip Joint Spacer for Treating Patients with Periprosthetic Infection
Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko, Voronezh,
Russian Federation
p. 498-504 of the original issue


S.Y.Gorokhovsky 1, 2, A.A. Lyzikov 1, M.L. Kaplan 1, V.E. Tihmanovich 1
Expediency and Options for Functional Control in Determining the Extent of Surgery for Occlusive Lesions of the Lower Extremity Arteries
Gomel State Medical University 1,
Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiology Center 2, Gomel,
Republic of Belarus
p. 505-514 of the original issue

Z.B. Kardanakhishvili 1, 2, A.B. Zulkarnaev 1, V.V. Rogozin 3, V.A. Stepanov 1
Stenting and Isolated Balloon Angioplasty for Central Venous Stenosis in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute Named after M.F.Vladimirsky 1
M. E. Zhadkevich Moscow City Clinical Hospital of the Department of Health Care of Moscow 2
Moscow Hospital No2 for War Veterans of the Department of Health Care of Moscow 3, Moscow,
The Russian Federation
p. 515-526 of the original issue

V.E. Fedorov, K.A. Podelyakin
Specificity of the Conflict "Patient-Surgeon"
Saratov State Medical University Named after V.I. Razumovsky, Saratov,
The Russian Federation
p. 527-535 of the original issue

M.I. Mikhailichenko, K.G. Shapovalov, S.A. Figurski, V.A. Mudrov, S.I. Mikhailichenko
Peripheral Neurodestruction in Patients with Local Cold Injury
Chita State Medical Academy, Chita,
The Russian Federation
p. 536-542 of the original issue

A.M. Kuzminov 1, S.A. Frolov 1, D.V. Vyshegorodtsev 1, V.Yu. Korolik 1, N.V. Tuktagulov 1, M.A. Sukhina 1, I.V. Vorobyeva 2
The First Experience of Low-Temperature Argon Plasma Application in the Treatment of Wounds after Open Hemorrhoidectomy
A.N.Ryzhikh National Medical Research Center of Coloproctology of the Ministry of Health of Russia 1, Moscow,
N.F.Gamaleya Federal Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology 2, Moscow,
The Russian Federation
p. 543-550 of the original issue


S.S. Dunaevskaya, Yu.S. Vinnik, A.G. Berezhnoi
Features of Endothelial Dysfunction in the Development of Hemorrhagic Complications in Patients with Urolithiasis in the Postoperative Period
Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Krasnoyarsk,
The Russian Federation
p. 551-557 of the original issue


.V.Marochkov 1, 3, A.L. Lipnitski 1, 3, D.S. Tsopau 2, I.A. Kupreyeva 1, V.U. Dazortsava 1
Features of Platelet Aggregation in Patients with COVID-19 Infection. Preliminary Results
Mogilev Regional Clinical Hospital 1,
Mogilev Hospital No1 2, Mogilev,
Vitebsk State Medical University 3, Vitebsk ,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 558-564 of the original issue


I.A. Kryvoruchko, T.M. Firsyk
Modern Minimally Invasive Sphincter-Sparing Techniques of Surgical Treatment of Anal Fistulas
Kharkov National Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kharkov,
p. 565-576 of the original issue

R.N. Komarov, N.O. Kurasov, A.M. Ismailbaev, A.O. Danachev
Syndrome of Pericardial Extension and Cardiac Tamponade after Open Cardiosurgical Interventions
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University), Moscow,
The Russian Federation
p. 577-590 of the original issue


L.P. Kotelnikova 1, 2, A.N. Fedachuk 2, A.V. Shvarev 2
Experience in the Treatment of Late Mechanical Suture Failure after Longitudinal Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Using Minimally Invasive Techniques
E.A.Vagner Perm State Medical University 1,
Perm Regional Clinical Hospitall 2, Perm,
The Russian Federation
p. 591-596 of the original issue

I. Vynnychenko 1, M. Kononenko 1, O. Smorodska 1, 2, S. Ivanov 2, Y. Moskalenko 1, O. Vynnychenko 1, V. Sikora 1, M. Lyndin 1, A. Romaniuk 1
Case Report of Giant Nonmetastatic Gastrointestinal Solid Tumor without Clinical Manifestations in a Middle-Aged Male Patient
Sumy State University 1,
Utility Non-Profit Enterprise Clinical Hospital No5 of Sumy Municipal Council 2, Sumy,
p. 597-602 of the original issue



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