Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 2

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K.M. Kurbonov1, F.I. Makhmadov 1, N.A. Rasulov 2, K.R. Nazirboev 1, U.U. Mansurov 1
Causes and treatment tactics of "Fresh" injuries of the bile ducts
Avicenna Tajik State Medical University1,
SEE "Institute of Post-graduate Education in the field of Public Health of the Republic of Tajikistan"2, Dushanbe,
The Republic of Tajikistan
p. 120-124 of the original issue

R.E. Kalinin, I.A. Suchkov, I.N. Rudakova, A.A. Nikiforov
Influence of genetic factors on the course of post-thrombotic syndrome of the lower limbs
SBE HPE "Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov",
The Russian Federation
p. 125-130 of the original issue

A.I. Rundo, V.A. Kosinets
Application of the combined phototherapy in complex treatment of patients with complications of diabetic foot syndrome
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University"
The Republic of Belarus
p. 131-137 of the original issue

.Y. Gain, S.V. Shakhrai, Y.M. Gain
Puncture vacuum trombus extraction with laser coagulation of hemorrhoid node in treatment of acute external hemorrhoid thrombosis: a randomized trial
SEE "Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 138-145 of the original issue


P.A. Abbasov, S. Yilmaz
Types of hepatic caval anastomosis in liver transplantation
Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku,
The Republic of Azerbaijan
Inonu University, Medical Center centre named after T.Ozal, Malatya,
The Turkish Republic
p. 146-150 of the original issue


N.V. Govorova1, V.V. Govorov 2, M.V. Govorov 3, M.V. Murasov 2
Temporary pelvic immobilization in providing assistance to victims with a high-energy combined trauma during transport
SBEE HPE "Omsk State Medical University"1,
BME "Omsk City Clinical Hospital 1 named after A.N. Kabanov"2,
NME "Road Clinical Hospital named after N.A. Semashko", station Lublino, JSC "Russian Railways"3
The Russian Federation
p. 151-156 of the original issue


T.L. Shevela, I.O. Pohodenko-Chudakova
Helicobacter pylori as an etiological factor in the development of pathological inflammation of the jawbone after dental implant surgery
EE "Belarusian State Medical University",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 157-161 of the original issue


O.P. Lukashova 1, V.I. Starikov 2, S.Y. Basylaishvili 2, A.N. Bely 2, I.N. Teslenko 1
Ultrastructure of non-small cell lung cancer and the surrounding tissues
SE "Institute of Medical Radiology Named after S.P.Grigoryev of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine"1,
Kharkov National Medical University2,
p. 162-169 of the original issue


A.L. Lipnitski, A.V. Marochkov
Peculiarities of cisatracurium application in elderly patients
ME "Mogilev Regional Hospital",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 170-176 of the original issue


A.Z. Sharafeev1, L.V. Gluschenko1
Modern approaches to implantation of cava-filters at life-threatening pulmonary embolism
SBEE SPE "Kazan State Medicine Academy"1,
SME "Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital" 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 177-183 of the original issue

D.M. Pasevich, S.A. Sushkou, V.M. Semenov
Molecular genetic aspects of malignant colon tumors
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University"
The Republic of Belarus
p. 184-192 of the original issue


S.A. Goloborodko1,2
Bilateral Kienbocks disease in an elderly patient
Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education1,
Kharkov Regional Clinical Traumatological Hospital2, Ukraine
p. 193-196 of the original issue

Y.V. Slabadzin, S.A. Sidorov
Laparoscopic colon and rectum surgery
SE "The Republican Clinical Medical Centre of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus", Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 197-202 of the original issue
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