Year 2020 Vol. 28 No 5




Chita State Medical Academy, Chita,
The Russian Federation

Objective. To determine the peripheral neurofilament H level in patients and to evaluate the changes of bioelectrical muscle potentials of the affected persons in different periods of cryodamage.
Methods. The study included 30 patients. The victims were hospitalized to the regional thermal trauma center on the basis of the city hospital No1 in Chita with local cold injury of the distal segments of the feet in the period from 2018 to 2019. On the 5th and 30th days from the moment of injury the measurement of bioelectric activity was performed. The method of cutaneous electroneuromyography was used to assess the bioelectrical muscle activity. On the 5th and 30th days after cryotrauma the concentration of peripheral neurofilament H in the blood serum was determined by the IEA method using Vector-best reagents.
Results. On the 5th day from the moment of cryotrauma in the study group, the level of peripheral neurofilament was higher relative to the control indicators The amplitude of the M-response, the residual latency and the rate of propagation of excitation were significantly lower relative to the control. On the 30th day compared to the earlier period there was a reduction of the peripheral neurofilament level but the value remains higher than the control ones. At the same time, the studied electroneuromyography indicators elevated in comparison with the data in the early stages of cryotrauma, but they were still lower than the control group. An increase in neuromuscular activity was revealed in the victims relative to an earlier period of cryoinjury, which indicates the restoration of nerve conduction.
Conclusion. In patients with frostbite of II-IV degree, a sharp elevation in phosphorylated peripheral neurofilament was detected in the blood within different periods of cryodamage. At different times of local cold injury (II-IV degree) a reduction in the bioelectric activity of the muscles was observed. On the 30th day of complex treatment, relatively earlier period, the elevation of the bioelectrical muscle activity and a reduction of the level of neurophilament H were noted.

Keywords: local cold injury, peripheral neurodestruction, endothelial dysfunction, phosphorylated neurofilament N, violation of microcirculation
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Information about the authors:
Mikhailichenko Maxim I., PhD, Assistant of the Department of Faculty Surgery with the Course of Urology, Chita State Medical Academy, Chita, Russian Federation.
Shapovalov Konstantin G., MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, Chita State Medical Academy, Chita, Russian Federation.
Mudrov Victor A., PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Medical Faculty, the Dental Faculty, Chita State Medical Academy, Chita, Russian Federation.
Figurski Sergei A., Clinical Resident of the Department of Faculty Surgery with the Course of Urology, Chita State Medical Academy, Chita, Russian Federation.
Mikhailichenko Sergei I., PhD, Cardiac Surgeon, the Main Out-Of-Staff Hospital Named after N.N. Burdenko, Moscow, Russian Federation
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