Year 2014 Vol. 22 No 3

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S.E. Katorkin
A heart of surgeon. Professor A.M. Aminev (1904-1984 yrs.)
SBEE HPE Samara State Medical University
The Russian Federation
p. 269 279 of the original issue



L.K. Kulikov1, O.A. Buslaev2, I.M. Mihalevich1, S. V. Shalashov2, Y.A. Privalov1, V.F. Sobotovich1, A.A. Smirnov1
Quality of life operated on patients for postoperative ventral hernia
SBEE APE Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education1,
NSME Railways Clinical Hospital of JSC RR 2
The Russian Federation
p. 286 295 of the original issue

O.A. Kudelich1, G.G. Kondratenko1, A.F. Puchkov2
The character and peculiarities of complications of severe acute pancreatitis according to the results of pathomorphological researches
EE Belarusian State Medical University1,
ME Minsk City Clinical Mortem Bureau 2,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 296 305 of the original issue

A.V. Famin1, .. Kirpihcenko1, F.A. Famin2
The types of attitude towards disease and quality of life in patients with acute pancreatitis
EE Vitebsk State Medical University 1,
ME Vitebsk Regional Clinical Center of Psychiatry and Narcology 2
The Republic of Belarus
p. 306 312 of the original issue

Y.T. Tsukanov, V.N. Nikitin
The treatment results of patients with perforated ulcers and cicatricial deformity of the pyloroduodenal zone
SBEE HPE Omsk State Medical Academy,
The Russian Federation
p. 313 320 of the original issue

P.V. Garelik, O.I. Dubrovchik, I.S. Dovnar, I.T. Tsilindz
Perforated gastroduodenal ulcers: a view on the issue of choosing a specific surgical approach
EE Grodno State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 321 325 of the original issue

E.A. Matusevich
The correction for immunoglobulin and interleukin status in patients with generalized purulent peritonitis
ME Braslav Central District Hospital,
EE Vitebsk State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 326 331 of the original issue

V.I. Demchenko, M.V. Kukosh, D.L. Kolesnikov
The planned relaparotomy in treatment of patients with mesenteric thromboses
SBEE HPE Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy
The Russian Federation
p. 332 336 of the original issue

B.S. Sukovatykh1, L.N. Belikov2, O.A. Rodionov2, A.O. Rodionov1
The choice of reconstructive operation at occlusive-stenotic lesions of the abdominal aorta, ileac and infraclavicular arteries in high risk patients
SBEE HPE Kursk State Medical University 1,
RBME Kursk City Clinical Emergency Hospital2,
The Russian Federation
p. 337 343 of the original issue

M.Y. Yurieva, Y.S. Vinnik, E.N. Anisimova, A.B. Salmina, O.V. Teplyakova, N.G. Tretyakova
The effect of system ozone therapy on the level of von Willebrand factor production in local cold
SBEE Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after professor V.F. Voino-Yasnetsky,
The Russian Federation
p. 351 355 of the original issue


V.V. Maslyakov1, A.J. Dadaev2, A.Z. Kerimov2, K.G. Kurkin1
The immediate treatment results of thoracic gunshot injury in children
NSEE HPE "Saratov Medical Institute Reaviz1,
FSBEE HPE Chechen State University 2, Grozny,
The Russian Federation
p. 356 359 of the original issue



D.M. Kurbanov, N.I. Rasulov, A.S. Ashurov
Complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
The Republic of Tajikistan
p. 366 373 of the original issue


V.V. Selesnev1, N.S. Mikutski2, P.F. Chernoglaz2,L.G. Shestakova2, A.S. Zhigalcovich2 , Yu.P. Ostrovsky1
The urgent angiosurgical problems in cardiac surgery clinic
SEE Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education 1,
SE RNPC Cardiology2 , Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 374 378 of the original issue

T.K. Gvenetadze1, G.T. Giorgobiani1 2, V.Sh. Archvadze1, L.O. Gulbani3
Prevention of male infertility development after different methods of inguinal hernia repair with the mesh explant
Tbilisi State Medical University 1,
Aversi Clinic 2, Tbilisi
SEE Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education 3, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 379 385 of the original issue


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