Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 1

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B.S. Sukovatykh, E.A. Elenskaja, E.B. Artjushkova, A.I. Itinson, A.A. Itinson
Effectiveness of immobilized form of sodium hypochlorite in treatment of experimental infected pancreatic necrosis
SBEE HPE "Kursk State Medical University" 1,
RBME "Kursk City Clinical Emergency Hospital" 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 5-11 of the original issue


S.V. Shalashov 1, L.K. Kulikov 2, Y.A. Privalov 2, A.L. Mikhaylov1
IC-plasty of postoperative ventral hernias
NME "Railway Clinical Hospital in Irkutsk-Passenger Station" of JSC "Russian Railways"1,
SBEE APE "Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 12-18 of the original issue

V.I. Nikolsky, E.V. Titova, A.A. Samorodova, J.E. Feoktistov
The quality of life in patients after prosthetic hernioplasty
Medical Institute of FSEE HPE ''Penza State University '',
The Russian Federation
p. 19-25 of the original issue

A.V. Chernykh, Y.V. Maleev, E.F. Cherednikov, A.N. Shevtsov, D.N. Golovanov
New data on surgical anatomy of parathyroid glands
SBEE HPE "N.N. Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University"
The Russian Federation
p. 26-31 of the original issue

A.V. Velichko1, Y.I. Yarets 1, S.L. Zyblev2, Z.A. Dundarov2,
V.V. Pokhozhay 2
Effect of parathyroidectomy on the bone metabolism indicators in patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism against the background of chronic renal disease
SE ''Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology''1,
EE ''Gomel State Medical University bone'' 2
The Republic of Belarus
p. 32-39 of the original issue

О.N. Sadriev 1, А.D. Gaibov 1,2 S.S. Anvarova2
Potential of computed tomography in differential diagnosis of adrenal tumors
Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery 1,
Avicenna Tajik State Medical University2,
The Republic of Tajikistan
p. 40-46 of the original issue

I.A. Kryvoruchko, N.М. Goncharova, I.A. Taraban, I.V. Sorokina
The features of morphogenesis of complicated pancreatic pseudocysts
Kharkov National Medical University of the Ministry of Public health Ukraine
p. 47-54 of the original issue

Y.V. Sizonenko, S.E. Katorkin, I.I. Losev
Dysfunction of venous pump muscles in patients with combined lesion of musculoskeletal and venous systems of the lower limbs
SBEE HPE "Samara State Medical University",
The Russian Federation
p. 55-61 of the original issue

N.N. Yarotskaya, I.V. Samsonova, V.A. Kosinets
The influence of metabolic preparations on intensity of cytochrome c expression at experimental generalized purulent peritonitis
EE ''Vitebsk State Medical University'',
The Republic of Belarus
p. 62-69 of the original issue


V.P. Deykalo 1, А.N. Tolstik 1, K.B. Boloboshko 1, А.I. Krylov 2, А.N. Mastykov 1
Medical rehabilitation in hand injuries using the method of fingers and metacarpal bones transposition
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University" 1,
ME "Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital" 2,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 70-76 of the original issue


S.A. Plaksin, N.I. Khramtsova
Comparative aspects of usage and side-effects of different methods of lipoaspiration
SBEE HPE "Perm State University of Medicine named after Academician E.A.Wagner"
The Russian Federation
p. 77-83 of the original issue


S.D. Fedyanin, A.A. Kovalenko, L.E. Krishtopov, V.P. Bulavkin, D.G. Sosinovich
Method of phase-adapting provisional suture
EE ''Vitebsk State Medical University''
The Republic of Belarus
p. 84-87 of the original issue


A.V. Mikheev1, S.N. Trushin1, E.K.Surov2, S.V. Snegur2
Fibrovascular polyp of the esophagus
SBEE HPE "Ryazan State Medical University named after I.P.Pavlov"1,
SBE of Ryazan region "Regional Clinical Hospital"2,
The Russian Federation
p. 88-92 of the original issue


К.А. Linyov, А.V.Torba
Surgical treatment management of abdominal gunshot injuries
SE ''Lugansk Medical University'' ,
p. 93-98 of the original issue


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