Year 2017 Vol. 25 No 1

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E.V. Nikitina, I.M. Samsonova, A.N. Kizimenko
A history of the first anesthesia
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 5-13 of the original issue


I.A. Shurygina, N.I. Aushinova, M.G. Shurygin
Evaluation of efficacy and safety of adept drug for prevention of adhesions in the abdominal cavity in experiment
FSBRE "Irkutsk Scientific Center of Surgery and Traumatology",
The Russian Federation
p. 14-19 of the original issue


A.V. Chernyh, E.I. Zakurdaev, E.F. Cherednikov, N.V. Yakusheva, V.G. Vitchinkin, M.P. Zakurdaeva, Y.V. Maleev
A method for preventing of intraoperative intercostal nerve traumatization at herniotomy of umbilical hernias
FSBEE HE "Voronezh State Medical University Named After N.N. Burdenko",
The Russian Federation
p. 20-25 of the original issue

Y.S. Vinnik, S.S. Dunaevskaya
Application of chemiluminescent analysis in acute pancreatitis diagnostics
FSBEE HE "Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Professor V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky",
Krasnoyarsk The Russian Federation
p. 26-30 of the original issue

M.R. Kuznetsov 1, S.V. Sapelkin 1,2, A.O. Virgansky 1, L.A. Magnitsky 1
Restorative method of the main arterial blood flow of the lower limbs
FSBEE HE "Russian National Research Medical University Named After N.I.Pirogov"1 , Moscow,
FSBE "A.V.Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery"2,
The Russian Federation
p. 31-37 of the original issue

V.A. Khodos
Side effects and complications of microfoam stem scleroobliteration in varicosity; measures to prevent and to eliminate
National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Named After P.L. Shupyk,
p. 38-43 of the original issue


V.Y. Khryshchanovich1, P.Y. Vershinin2,
A.V. Bolshov1, S.I. Tretyak1, E.I. Kuzmenkova3, A.M. Pisarenko4, E.V. Khodosovskaya, T.S. Kolesnikova1, O.O. Rummo2
Allotransplantation of cultivated parathyroid cells of a living unrelated donor to recipient with renal transplant: the first clinical observation
EE "Belarusian State Medical University"1,
ME "The 9th City Clinical Hospital", Minsk 2,
SE "Republican Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy"3,
ME "Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary"4,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 44-52 of the original issue


R.A. Nakonechnyy
Prognostic markers of endovesical treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in children
Lviv Danylo Halytsky National Medical University
p. 53-59 of the original issue


U.U. Andrushchuk1, Y.P. Ostrovsky1,2, V.V. Zharkov1, A.V. Valentsiukevich1, L.G. Shestakova1,2, O.A. Yudina3, T.V. Ilyina1, S.G. Omeltschenko1, S.A. Kurganovich1, A.Z. Smolensky3
Surgical treatment of patients with primary malignant tumors of the heart
SE "Republican Scientific Practical Centre Cardiology" 1,
SEE "Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education" 2,
ME "City Clinical Pathology Bureau" 3,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 60-70 of the original issue


I.N. Klimovich, S.S. Maskin, P.V. Abramov
Pathogenesis of intestinal insufficiency syndrome in upper gastrointestinal tract bleedings
FSBEE HE "Volgograd State Medical University" of the Ministry of Health of Russia
The Russia Federation
p. 71-77 of the original issue

K.N. Zhandarov.1, S.V. Zhdonets.1, K.S. Belyuk.2, V.A. Mitskevich.1, Y.F. Pakulnevich.1
Transanal endoscopic microsurgery of benign and malignant rectal tumors
ME "Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital" 1,
EE "Grodno State Medical University".2,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 78-86 of the original issue


R.E. Kalinin, I.A. Suchkov, A.A. Egorov, O.V. Medvedeva
Examples of non-standard reconstructions in hemodialysis patients with permanent vascular access
SBEE HPE "Ryazan State Medical University Named After Academician I.P.Pavlov",
The Russian Federation
p. 87-92 of the original issue

M.G. Sachek 1, M.O. Rusetskaya 1, S.N. Ermashkevich 1, N.M. Konderskij 2, A.I. Yankovskij 2, Y.S. Podolinskij 2, M.V. Kuntsevich 2, A.V. Slavetskaya 2, I.N. Ivanova 2, A.V. Polonikov 3
Acute esophageal necrosis
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University"1
EH "Vitebsk Region Clinical Hospital"2, EH "Vitebsk Regional Pathoanatomical Bureau"3, Vitebsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 93-98 of the original issue


A.N. Voronetsky
Enteroscopy in crohn's disease in children with consistent application of soluble and endovideo capsules
EE "Belarusian State Medical University",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 99-105 of the original issue
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