Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 2

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V.E. Koryk 1, A.P. Trukhan 1, S.A. Zhidkov 2, D.A. Klyuyko 1
Direct oximetry at experimental ileus
EE Belarusian State Medical University1,
Military-Medical administration of the Ministry of defense 2, g. Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 3 8 of the original issue


V.A. Klopova, I.V. Samsonova, A.T. Shchastny, M.I. Kugaev
Character of neurofilament expression in the pancreas at chronic pancreatitis
EE Vitebsk State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 9 13 of the original issue
Yu.S Vinnik, .V. Serova, R.A. Pakhomova, .V. Peryanova, .V. Rukosueva
Role of bacterial factor in progression of acute calculous cholecystitis
SBEE HPE Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after professor V.F.Voyno-Yasenetsky
The Russian Federation
p. 20 24 of the original issue
S.V. Zharov 1, D.V. Narezkin 2, S.N. Romanenkov 1
Operative treatment results of elderly and senile patients with complicated giant ulcers of the stomach and duodenum
Nefteyugansk city hospital 1,
SEE HPE Smolensk State Medical Academy2,
The Russian Federation
p. 25 28 of the original issue
B.N. Kotiv, A.P. Chuprina, D.Ya. Yasyuchenya, D.M. Melnik, D.S. Shelegetov, V.I. Iontsev
Physical methods of tissues dissection and coagulation in thoracoscopic surgery
FSBMEE HPE Military Medical Academy named after S.M.Kirov Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation,
The Russian Federation
p. 29 36 of the original issue
A.Sh. Zetov
Application efficacy of the method of mechanical suture strengthening after atypical lung resection at lung tuberculosis
National center of tuberculosis problems of the Ministry of health, Almaty,
The Republic of Kazakhstan
p. 37 40 of the original issue
B.S. Sukovatyh, A.Yu. Orlova, E.B. Artyushkova
Influence of plasma enriched with platelets and of the preparation Myelopid on the course of acute and chronic ischemia of the lower limbs
SBEE HPE Kursk State Medical University,
The Russian Federation
p. 41 48 of the original issue
B.N. Zhukov, V.R. Isaev, P.S. Andreev, S.E. Katorkin, A.A. Chernov
Complex treatment of nonspecific ulcerous colitis with endolymphatic therapy application
SBEE HPE Samara State Medical University,
The Russian Federation
p. 49 54 of the original issue
V.V. Beschastnov, N.Yu. Orlinskaya, M.N. Kudykin
Experimental-clinical justification of dosed dermotension application in the first phase of wound process
SBEE HPE Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy,
The Russian Federation
p. 55 - 59 of the original issue
V.V. Slonimsky
To the problem of ingrown nail treatment using cryodestruction
SBEE HPE Kirov State Medical Academy,
The Russian Federation
p. 60 63 of the original issue


S.V. Blinov 1, S.N. Kolesov 2, M.N. Kudykin 1, E.E. Malyshev 2, N.L. Muravina 2, E.S. Malyshev 1
Early diagnostics of posttraumatic knee joint osteoarthritis after operative treatment of fractures of the tibia condyles
SBEE HPE Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy 1,
FBSE Nizhny Novgorod research institute of traumatology and orthopedics 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 64 73 of the original issue


A.V. Marochkov, A.L. Lipnitsky, S.A. Tochilo
Effect of various oxygen concentrations applied at multicomponent endotracheal anesthesia on the parameters of venous blood gas composition
ME Mogilev regional hospital
The Republic of Belarus
p. 74 78 of the original issue


El-Refai Husam 1, V.P. Sitnikov 1, T.I. Kolesnik 2
Restapedoplasty after operations because of otosclerosis
EE Gomel State Medical University 1,
ME Gomel regional specialized clinical hospital 2,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 79 84 of the original issue


V.M. Popkov, D.Yu. Potapov, A.N. Ponukalin
Hemostasis methods at kidney resection
SBEE HPE Saratov State Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky,
The Russian Federation
p. 85 95 of the original issue


M.M. Yelovoy, V.G. Borozna, A.A. Kukhtarev, T.E. Razumova
Stomach and small intestine trichobezoars in children
ME Mogilev regional hospital,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 96 100 of the original issue


V.A. Kosinets 1, I.P. Shturich 2, E.A. Ukrainets 3
Experience of combined abdominoplasty and tension-free hernioplasty of the anterior abdominal wall
SEE HPE First Moscow Medical University named after I.M.SECHENOV 1,
The Russian Federation
EE Vitebsk State Medical University2,
ME Vitebsk regional clinical hospital 3,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 101 104 of the original issue


S.A. Sushkov
Compressive therapy at chronic venous insufficiency
EE Vitebsk State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 105 117 of the original issue


A.V. Vorobey, A.Ch. Shuleyko, Yu.N. Orlovsky
Republican scientific-practical seminar with international participation Actual problems of surgical pancreatology
SEE Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 118 126 of the original issue


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