Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 6

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Y.S. Nebylitsin, N.A. Smolyanets
Love to medical art is love to humanity. To 85th anniversary of Alexander Nikolayevich Vedensky
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 533-538 of the original issue


A.S. Gorohova2, A.Y. Grigoryan1, A.I. Bezhin1, T.A. Pankrusheva1, L.V. Zhilyaeva1, E.S. Mishina1, E.V. Kobzareva1
Effectiveness of immobilized forms of benzalkonium chloride in treatment of purulent wounds
SBEE HPE "Kursk State Medical University"1,
RBME "Tim Central Regional Hospital"2,
The Russian Federation
p. 539-545 of the original issue


O.V. Shulyarenko
Comparison of total extraperitoneal and transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal herniaplasty
National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk, Ministry of Health, Kiev. Ukraine
p. 546-550 of the original issue

A.V. Stakanov 1, 2,3, S.P. Dashevskii 1,2, T.S. Musayeva 3, E.A. Potseluev 4, I.B. Zabolotskikh 3
Risk of acute kidney injury development in acute colonic obstruction
SBE RR "Rostov Regional Clinical Hospital" 1,
SBEE HPE "Rostov State Medical University" 2,
SBEE HPE "Kuban State Medical University" 3, Krasnodar,
MBME "City Hospital 7 of Rostov-on Don" 4,
Rostov-on Don ,
The Russian Federation
p. 551-560 of the original issue

V.S. Derckachev, S.A. Aleksejev, Z.A. Ibragimova, M.P. Potapnev, V.N. Bordakov, A.V. Honcharick, S.E. Semerichina, L.V. Kartun
Immunological predictors of early postoperative pyo-inflammatory complications in patients with long bone fractures
EE "Belarusian State Medical University",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 561-567 of the original issue

V.K. Okulich
Abzyme activity of immunoglobulins in surgical infection
EE "Vitebsk State Medical University",
The Republic of Belarus
p. 568-578 of the original issue


I.V. Maiborodin1, A.E. Kozjakov 2, E.V. Babayants 2,
S.E. Krasilnikov 2
Angiogenesis in lymph nodes in the development of cancer in the region of lymph collection
SBSE FSBSE "Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine", Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, 1
SBEE HPE "Novosibirsk State Medical University" 2
The Russia Federation
p. 579-585 of the original issue



M.V. Olizarovich 1,2, P.S. Remov1,2
Microsurgical intervention on the spine using computer calculation and graphic visualization
E "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital"1,
EE "Gomel State Medical University"2
The Republic of Belarus
p. 592-600 of the original issue


V.S. Kozopas
Current techniques and methods of the treatment of pelvic fractures
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University,
p. 601-609 of the original issue


E.L. Kalmykov 1, A.D. Gaibov 2, O.N. Sadriev 2, A.N. Safarova 2
Primary muscle hydatidosis of the lumbar region
Tajik National Research Center for Transplantation of Organs and Human Tissue2 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan,
Republican Scientific Center of the Cardiovascular Surgery of the Ministry of Health and
Social Protection of the Population, the Republic of Tajikistan,
The Republic of Tajikistan
p. 610-616 of the original issue

V.I. Belokonev 1, S.M. Pikalov 2, S.Y. Pushkin 2, A.N. Zhdanova 1
Giant sliding inguinal scrotal hernia of the bladder
FSBEE HE "Samara State Medical University" 1,
SBME "Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V.D. Seredavin" 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 617-622 of the original issue


N. Torma 1, I. Kopolovets 2, M. Frankovičová 3,4, Z. Tormová 3,4, V. Lacková 1, G. Kopolovets 1, A. Olos 2
Minimally invasive treatment of lower limb varicosity of C5-C6 classes (CEAP)
Vascular Center "IMEA " 1, Kosice,
The Slovak Republic,
DSME "Uzhgorod National University" 2, Uzhgorod,
East Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases VUSCH 3, Kosice
P.I.Safarik University 4, Kosice,
The Slovak Republic
p. 623-626 of the original issue
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