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Tajik National Research Center for Transplantation of Organs and Human Tissue2 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan,
Republican Scientific Center of the Cardiovascular Surgery of the Ministry of Health and
Social Protection of the Population, the Republic of Tajikistan,
The Republic of Tajikistan

Human echinococcosis is a severe parasitic disease affecting almost all organs and tissues of the human body. The frequency of muscle echinococcosis is not more than 0,7-0,9% of cases and reports about the primary muscular lesion by the parasite is casuistic. The patient (21-years-old) complained of the occurrence of a dense, painless tumor formation in the left lumbar region. Within two recent years the patient noticed the presence of tumor formation and its gradual growth. Tumor biopsy was performed in one of the clinics. Single hooks of echinococcus were obtained according to the histological findings. Radiography of the chest and ultrasonography of the liver, spleen, abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space, and heart revealed no hydatid cysts. Computer tomography of the brain also detected no pathological changes. According to general and biochemical analysis all parameters are normal. By means of ultrasound examination of tumors, a multi-chamber liquid formation was found, its content is homogeneous, and size of the cyst is 13×7 cm. The patient was operated on. The hydatid cyst was removed; fibrous capsule cavity was treated thrice with 90% ethanol and with 100% glycerol solution additionally. During the residual cavity revision it was found out that the cyst wall tightly adhered to the surrounding spinal cord tissue. The wound was closed and drained only after hemostasis is secure. The patient received postoperative albendazole therapy. The observation period of this patient made up 5 years. Within control surveys, no disease recurrence was detected as well as the localization of hydatid cysts in other organs.

Keywords: echinococcosis, primary hydatid cyst, muscles, hemostasis, hydatidectomy, hydatidosis, observation period
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