Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 3

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R.M. Salmin 1, N.I. Prokopchik 1, I.G. Zhuk 2, A.V. Gayduk 1, M.V. Goretskaya 1, A.Yu. Pavlyukovets 1, A.I. Zhmakin 1
Efficacy estimation of the colon anastomosis zone strengthening with the sponge TachoComb
EE Grodno State Medical University 1,
Grodno regional executive committee 2,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 3 8 of the original issue


S.A. Vizgalov 1, S.M. Smotrin 2
Combined atensional hernioplasty at external inguinal hernias
ME City clinical emergency hospital, Grodno 1,
EE Grodno State Medical University 2,
The Republic f Belarus
p. 9 15 of the original issue
K.M. Kurbonov 1, F.I. Makhmadov 1, I.A. Sattorov 2, M.G. Khomidov 1, A.F. Nazarov 1, D.Sh. Sharipov
Diagnostics and surgical treatment of penetrating duodenal ulcers
Tajik Abu Ali Ibn Sino State Medical University 1,
City clinical emergency hospital of Dushanbe 2,
The Republic of Tajikistan
p. 16 21 of the original issue
D.A. Kluiko 1, V.E. Korik 1, S.A. Zhidkov 2
Citoflavin application in complex treatment of acute pancreatitis
EE Belarusian State Medical University 1,
Military medical administration of the Ministry of defense 2, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 22 27 of the original issue
V.A. Kosinets
Changes in the immune system at generalized purulent peritonitis and possibilities of their correction
SEE HPE I.M.Sechenov First Moscow Medical University,
The Russian Federation
p. 36 42 of the original issue
M.Yu. Averyanov 1, V.V. Slonimsky 2
Microbiological aspects of treatment of purulent skin diseases and subcutaneous tissue with cryosurgical method
SBEE HPE Kirov State Medical Academy 1,
Polyclinic 1 of the department hospital on the station Kirov of JSC Russian railways 2,
The Russian Federation
p. 43 47 of the original issue
F.G. Nazyrov 1, A.V. Devyatov 1, D.Sh. Hodjiev 2, A.H. Babadjanov 1, R.Yu. Sadykov 3
Optimization of treatment diagnosing and tactics of the abdominal cavity postoperative abscesses
The Republican specialized surgical center named after academician V. Vakhidov1, Tashkent
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Karakalpakstan2
Karakalpakstan affiliate of the Republican scientific center of emergent medical aid3, Nukus
The Republic of Uzbekistan
p. 48 54 of the original issue


G.Yu. Tsirdava 1, G.M. Lukoyanova 2, A.E. Kletskin 2, V.P. Obryadov 1, E.A. Rozhdenkin 1
Operative treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease in children
FSBE Nizhny Novgorod scientific research institute of pediatric gastroenterology1,
SBEE HPE Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy2
The Russian Federation
p. 55 59 of the original issue


A.P. Trukhan 1, S.A. Zhidkov 2, V.E. Korik 1, K.A. Fedorov 1
Surgical aid at hospitalization of large number of patients with explosive lesions
EE Belarusian State Medical University 1,
Military medical administration of the Ministry of defense 2., Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 60 64 of the original issue


E.L. Tsitko 1, A.F. Smeyanovich 2
Comparative analysis of diagnostic value of neurosonography modern methods at extensional brain tumors
ME Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital 1, Gomel,
SE Republican Scientific Clinical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery 2, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 65 73 of the original issue


V.T. Malkevich, V.V. Zharkov, L.I. Ositrova, V.P. Kurchin, A.Yu. Baranov, I.A. Ilyin
New approaches to treatment of intrapleural complications in esophageal cancer surgery
SE N.N.Alexandrov Republican Scientific Practical Center of Oncology and Radiology, Minsk
The Republic of Belarus
p. 74 80 of the original issue
V.V. Zharkov, S.A. Yeskov, V.P. Kurchin
The left atrium resection in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer
SE N.N.Alexandrov Republican scientific practical center of oncology and radiology, Minsk
The Republic of Belarus
p. 81 86 of the original issue


A.V. Marochkov, V.A. Dudko, A.L. Lipnitsky
Quality control of synchronization of the artificial lung ventilation and patients spontaneous breathing using electroencephalographic monitoring
ME Mogilev regional hospital
The Republic of Belarus
p. 87 93 of the original issue
M.Z. Dugiyeva, S.V. Sviridov, N.I. Sleptsovas, K.V. Morozova
Controlled supervised by the patient in the early postoperative period at gynecologic patients
SBEE HPE Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I.Pirogov
The Russian Federation
p. 94 99 of the original issue


V.Ya. Khryshchanovich, S.I. Tretyak
omparative analysis of materials used for cells immunoisolation at transplantation
EE Belarusian State Medical University, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 100 116 of the original issue


G.V. Yarovenko, B.N. Zhukov, S.E. Katorkin
Operative correction variants of lymph outflow at the lower limbs lymphedema
SBEE HPE Samara State Medical University
The Russian Federation
p. 117 121 of the original issue


B.N. Kotiv, A.P. Chuprina, D.A. Yasyuchenya, D.M. Melnik, O.A. Litvinov, I.V. Boykov, A.S. Grishchenkov
One-stage bilateral lung resection in the treatment of colorectal adenocarcinoma metastases in a patient with primary multiple metachronous colorectal and prostate cancer
FSBMEE HPE Military Medical Academy named after S.M.Kirov Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
The Russian Federation
p. 122 124 of the original issue
I.V. Mishin 1,2, A.V. Danch 3
Mucocele of the appendix
National scientific practical center of the urgent medicine 1,
N.A.Testemitsanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy 2,
Republican hospital of medical sanatorium and restorative association 3,
The Republic of Moldova
p. 125 127 of the original issue


A.A. Lerner, M.V. Fomenko
Following Damage control principles at severe limb injuries treatment
Medical center Ziv, Safed,
p. 128 132 of the original issue


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