Year 2006 Vol. 14 No 1

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A.N. Kosinets, E.A. Konopelko, S.D. Fedyanin, V.K. Okulich
AB-STAF, AB-ENTER, AB-PSEV test systems for microorganisms sensitivity to antibiotics express evaluation
p. 2 - 8 of the original issue
A.N. Kosinets, A.V. Frolova, V.P. Bulavkin
PhytoMP. Is it expedient to use phytosubstances at surgical infection?
p. 20 - 29 of the original issue
K.M. Kubrakov, R.N. Protas, K.S. Vykhristenko
Posttraumatic brain abscesses (clinical picture, diagnostics, treatment)
p. 41 - 46 of the original issue
V.L. Denisenko, A.V. Vorobey
Epithelial coccygeal passage: present-day aspects of the problem
p. 75 - 78 of the original issue
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