Year 2017 Vol. 25 No 5

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I.Y. Tsymbalyuk, A.M. Manuilov, K.A. Popov, A.A. Basov
Metabolic correction of the ischemia-reperfusive injury with sodium dichloroacetate in vascular isolation of the liver in experiment
FSBEE HE Kuban State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar,
The Russian Federation
p. 447-453 of the original issue

O.Y. Popadyuk
Assessment of degradable and mechanical properties of nano-containing wound healing polymer materials
SHEI Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ivano-Frankivsk,
p. 454-458 of the original issue


I.A. Kryvoruchko 1, L.A. Pererva 2, N.N. Goncharova 1, I.A. Taraban 1
Current approaches to the treatment of complicated pancreatic pseudocysts II type
Kharkiv National Medical University 1, Kharkiv,
SE National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named after O.O. Shalimov 2, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev,
p. 459-466 of the original issue

.V. Varabei 1, Y.N. Arlouski 1, N.A. Lagodich 2, V.F. Arehay 3
X-ray endobiliary and endoscopic interventions in complex treatment of intrahepatic cholangiolithiasis in hepaticojejunostomy strictures
SBE Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education 1,
ME Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital 2,
SE Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical
Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov 3, Minsk
The Republic of Belarus
p. 467-475 of the original issue

Y.S. Vinnik, A.B. Salmina, S.S. Dunaevskaya, N.A. Malinovskaya, D.A. Antufrieva
Plasma membrane blebbing of lymphocytes as a marker of endothelial dysfunction in progressive peripheral artery disease of the lower extrimities
FSBEF HE Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after prof. V.F. Voyno- Yasenetsky, Krasnoyarsk,
The Russian Federation
p. 476-480 of the original issue


S.L. Zyblev 1, T.S. Petrenko 1, S.V. Zybleva 2, Z.A. Dundarov 1, A.V. Velichko 2
The early diagnosis of renal graft dysfunction
EE Gomel State Medical University 1,
SI Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology 2, Gomel,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 481-487 of the original issue


F.Sh. Akhmetzyanov1,2,3, V.I. Egorov 1,2
Optimization of surgical treatment of patients undergoing obstructive colonic resection
FSBEE HE Kazan State Medical University 1,
SAME Republican Clinical Oncology Center 2,
Volga region branch of fsbe N.N.Blokhin Russian Oncology Research Center Ministry of Health of RF 3, Kazan,
The Russian Federation
p. 488-493 of the original issue


S.A. Tachyla
Predictors for the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in patients after abdominal surgery
ME Mogilev Regional Hospital, Mogilev
The Republic of Belarus
p. 494-502 of the original issue


S.E. Katorkin, A.V.Kolsanov, S.A.Bystrov, P.M.Zelter, I.S.Andreev
Virtual 3-D modeling in surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis
FSBEE HE Samara State Medical University, Samara
The Russian Federation
p. 503-509 of the original issue


.. Govorukhina
Current diagnosis and treatment of hirschsprungs disease in children
SE Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Surgery, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 510-517 of the original issue

I.N. Klimovich, S.S. Maskin, P.V. Abpamov
Diagnosis and treatment of syndrome of intestinal insufficiency in acute bleeding from upper gastrointestinal tract
FSBEE HE Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd,
The Russian Federation
p. 518-524 of the original issue


S.N. Yermashkevich1, M.M.Kandzerski2, V.I. Petukhov1, V.P.Bulaukin1, M.I.Kuhayeu1, A.V.Harbunov2, S.G.Belavusau2, M.O.Rusetskaya1, A.I.Yankoyski2, Y.S.Podolinsky2, M.V.Kuntsevich1
Gastro-pulmonary fistulas at left-side traumatic diaphragmatic hernia
EE Vitebsk State Medical University 1,
ME Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital 2, Vitebsk,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 525-534 of the original issue


.. Dmitrienko 1, V.V.Anichkin 2, .. Tretyakov 2, M.F.Kurek 2, .Y. Makanin 1
Surgical correction of foot deformity in Charcot osteoarthropathy
SME Gomel City Clinical Hospital 3 1,
EE Gomel State Medical University 2, Gomel
THE Republic of Belarus
p. 535-542 of the original issue

K.N.Zhandarov1, S.V.Zhdonets1, K.S.Belyuk2, V.A.Mitskevich1, YU.F.Pakulnevich1
Transanal endoscopic microsurgery of rectal tumors
ME Grodno Regional Clinical hospital 1,
EE Grodno State Medical University 2, Grodno,
The Republic of Belarus
p. 543-552 of the original issue
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