Year 2009 Vol. 17 No 1




The treatment tactics of epithelial coccygeal fistulas is presented in the article; the most effective ways of the operative treatment are described. It is recommended to use the one-phase method of treatment – to excise fistulas and to carry out plasty at once in case when fistulas are without the signs of inflammation. In case of abscess formation the two-stage method should be used – at the 1st stage the abscess is dissected, at the 2nd stage a radical surgery is carried out. The technique of 3 stages of radical surgeries is described, indications which permit to choose an optimal variant are determined. The suggested differential operative tactics allows reducing the complications number up to 0,1%, the recurrences – up to 0,5%.

Keywords: epithelial coccygeal fistula, operative treatment.
p. 126 - 132 of the original issue
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