Year 2006 Vol. 14 No 4




At present, study of the nasal breathing function is believed to be one of the most significant elements in the evaluation of the functional nasal cavity state. The subjective evaluation factor, too little available information and technical incompleteness should be referred to the considerable shortcomings of the main investigation methods.
To work out a method of the nasal breathing investigation, which permits to evaluate the degree of the nasal breathing difficulty objectively, the otolaryngology chair of Vitebsk State Medical University has estimated the surgery effectiveness in 18 patients with deviated nasal septum. The modified method of spirography, rhinospirography, has been used to evaluate the nasal breathing state. By means of this method in the preoperative and postoperative periods, the direct connection between the subjective nasal breathing changes and dynamics of the studied indicators has been found. Based on the analysis of the obtained data, the degrees of the nasal cavity obstruction (moderate, average and marked) have been singled out. The proposed method is characterized by simplicity and accuracy of the obtained findings and it provides us with more information. Moreover, available spirographs at any department of the functional diagnostics permit to use this method without expensive specialized equipment for nasal breathing measuring.

Keywords: nasal breathing, nasal septum deviation, nasal cavity obstruction, rhinospirography
p. 77 - 82 of the original issue
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