Year 2015 Vol. 23 No 6




On the 28-29th of May, 2015, the International Congress "Slavic Venous Forum" took place in Vitebsk, the Republic of Belarus. Surgeons from 19 countries – Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan took part in the Congress.
The total number of the Congress participants exceeded 700 physicians of different specialties: vascular surgeons, phlebologists, lymphologists, surgeons, oncologists, trauma orthopedists, obstetricians, medical sonographers. During the Congress the following important questions of phlebology were being discussed: current approaches to the treatment of chronic venous diseases, venous thromboembolic complications, issues and solutions, innovative methods of venous diseases treatment, complex treatment of patients with trophic ulcers of venous etiology, acute venous thrombosis, strategy and tactics of surgical treatment, aesthetic phlebology, endothelial dysfunction in diseases of veins and lymphatic vessels. The article provides the information on reports, presented at the Congress concerning the directions of the study in the field of phlebology, which are being carried out in clinics of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The reports devoted to various aspects of current phlebology, from various methods of conservative and surgical treatment of deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism to the problems of prevention and treatment of chronic venous disease were presented at the Congress. A comprehensive discussion of the reports permitted to identify the main trends in the research and practice of the member state of Congress.

Keywords: Slavic Venous Forum, congress, phlebology, chronic venous diseases, deep venous thrombosis, trophic ulcers, phlebological patients
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