Year 2015 Vol. 23 No 6




ME "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital",
The Republic of Belarus

Three clinical cases of a rare cause of dysphagia: esophageal compression by cervical osteophytes are presented to pay attention of physicians.
The patients were being treated at the trauma and orthopedic department of ME Gomel "Regional Clinical Hospital" in the period from 01.08.2013 to 01.08.2014. Swallowing problems are a common complaint among pastients.
The decisive methods of instrumental diagnostics were the radiography and computed tomography of the cervical spine. No any deviations were revealed during laboratory investigation. All patients were operated on after complete and comprehensive diagnostics. In two patients the compression of the esophagus and the larynx by the osteophytes was observed, and in one of them - by the osteophytes and sclerous tissues; there were no complications during the operation, throughout the postoperative period. All patients were discharged on the 3rd-4th days after the surgery and began to work in a one-month period. In the case of dysphagia resulting from esophageal compression caused by cervical osteophytes, radiography is the best modality for characterizing suspected lesions. The only radical method for treating severe dysphagia due to the esophageal compression by the cervical osteophytes is considered to be a resection.

Keywords: dysphagia, osteophytes, compression, radiography and computed tomography, cervical vertebra, esophagus, resection
p. 688-692 of the original issue
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Kirilenko Sergey Ivanovich
Information about the authors:
Kirilenko S.I. PhD, a traumatologist-orthopedist of ME "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital".
Litvin A.A. PhD, Deputy Chief on Surgery of ME "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital".
Kryzh S.A. An anesthesiologist-resuscitator of ME "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital".
Rozhin V.V. A traumatologist-orthopedist of ME "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital".
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