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SEE Belarusian Medical Academy
of Postgraduate Education.
The Republic of Belarus

Objectives. Using modern digital search systems to carry out the analysis of the national and foreign literature, concerning applications of mini-invasive laser technologies in surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, and by means of it to define the perspective directions to increase efficiency in the complex treatment of this disease and its complications.
Methods. With the use of the text database of medical and biological publications PubMed (on the basis of Biotechnology section of U.S. National Library of Medicine through the access NCBI-Entrez by principle application of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), and also by means of the information received in funds of the State Establishment Republican Scientific Medical Library and library of the State Educational Establishment Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the analysis of more than 700 medical sources of the special literature and full-text articles devoted to the high-intensity laser systems use in treatment of chronic hemorrhoids and its complications has been carried out.
Results. According to literary data, the destruction of hemorrhoidal nodes by means of the W-laser (classification of R.A. Weiss and . Valley) is considered to be a mini-invasive method of hemorrhoid treatment, based on the interstitial thermal therapy of nodes with its subsequently wrinkling, sclerosing and disappearance, and also occlusion influence on a vascular component. The performance of this method under local infiltrative anesthesia in ambulatory conditions should be considered as a positive aspect and advantage as well as absence of clinically significant rehabilitation period, fast restoration and returning of a patient to a normal life and work. All listed sets the conditions for improvement of patients life quality that provides considerable social and economic effects and allows speaking about prospects of new techniques use in ambulatory and mini-invasive proctology and surgery.
Conclusions. Priority of active surgical tactics, a reliable hemostasis and biological properties of the W-laser radiation, absence of necessity for long-term hospitalization appears to be the factors permitting to receive good results of acute and chronic hemorrhoids treatment.

Keywords: hemorrhoids, complications, mini-invasive technologies, intrahemorrhoidal laser influence
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