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SBEE HPE Samara State Medical University
The Russian Federation

To improve the results of surgical treatment of patients with the lower limbs lymphatic edemas at their early stages one suggested applying various types of lymph-venous anastomosis. The step-by-step technique of lymphadenovenous and lymphangiovenous anastomosis application is described in the article; indications and contraindications to their performance are established; possible complications and mistakes as well as methods of their prevention are showed.
The results of lymphadenovenous and lymphangiovenous anastomoses application while treating the patients with the lower limbs lymphatic edemas of different degrees of severity are suggested. 69 patients were operated on. The 1-2 degrees of lymphedema were diagnosed in 17 of them; the 3-4 degrees in 52 operated patients. In 18 cases the lymphadenovenous anastomosis according to side by side type was applied; in 45 cases anastomosis according to end to side type was applied; in 5 episodes lymphangiovenous anastomoses were formed.
Application of lymphadenovenous and lymphangiovenous anastomoses permits to improve the nearest and distant treatment results of patients with the lower limbs lymphedema and can be recommended at lymphatic edemas of various etiology.

Keywords: lower limbs lymphedema, operative treatment, lymphadenovenous anastomosis, lymphangiovenous anastomosis
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Iarovenko Galina Viktorovna
Information about the authors:
Yarovenko G.V., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Physician of the Vascular Department of the Hospital Surgery Clinic of SBEE HPE "Samara State Medical University.
Zhukov B.N., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Head of the Chair of Hospital Surgery of SBEE HPE "Samara State Medical University, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.
Katorkin S.E., Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Hospital Surgery Chair and Clinic of SBEE HPE "Samara State Medical University, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.
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