Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 1




Technical University of Munich 1, Munich,
ME Vitebsk regional clinical hospital 2,
The Republic of Belarus,
Philipps-University of Marburg 3, Marburg,

Actual problems of medical aid rendering to the patients with the abdominal trauma accompanied by the liver parenchema damage at the prehospital and hospital stages are studied in the article. Abdominal trauma at the isolated and accompanying liver damage depending on the severity stage of parenchema damage demands differentiated treatment; it includes not only a conservative therapy but also surgical actions such as surface bleeding stopping, compression techniques(packing and mesh-wrapping) up to the atypical and anatomical liver resection. Total hepatectomy with subsequent liver transplantation is the reasonable method of treatment at massive irreversible liver parenchema damage. This method should be applied only in specialized centers in case the indications are present.

Keywords: abdominal trauma, liver damages, aid rendering, liver transplantation
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Matevosyan E. Privatdozent, MD, Department of surgery and transplantation of Clinic, "Rehts der Isar of Technical University of Munich.
Maak M. Doctor of medicine, Department of surgery of Clinic, "Rehts der Isar of Technical University of Munich.
Sapko G.V. Surgeon, ME Vitebsk regional clinical hospital.
Friss H. Professor, Doctor of medicine, Department of surgery of Clinic, "Rehts der Isar of Technical University of Munich.
Doll D.Privatdozent, MD, Department of visceral, vascular and thoracic surgery, Philipps-University of Marburg.
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