Year 2011 Vol. 19 No 2




Objectives. To evaluate efficacy of the early stages detection of the colorectal cancer at using the fecal lactoferrin.
Methods. 46 patients with the colorectal cancer, 46 patients had the irritable bowel syndrome and 25 healthy volunteers were included into the investigation
Results. It has been established that in the non-invasive diagnostics of the colorectal cancer on the I–II stages of the disease fecal lactoferrin is of a high diagnostic value with the area under curve at 0,36± 0,0349 and doesnt differ from the immunochemical test on the feces occult blood (0,939±0,342, p=0,95). The marker hadnt any statistic differences while comparing this parameter in the patients with malignancies on the I–II and III–IV development stages (p=0,67). Fecal lactoferrin sensitivity in determination of the colorectal cancer on the I–II stage of the disease made up 72,00% (95% CI: 50,6–87,9).
Conclusions. Fecal lactoferrin is an effective marker on the early stages of the colorectal cancer.

Keywords: colorectal cancer, diagnostics, fecal lactoferrin
p. 83 – 87 of the original issue
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