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Surgical treatment of Klatskin tumor represents rather a complicated task and challenge for hepatorbiliary surgeons because of peculiarities of its localization, spreading and difficulty of its radical removal. Achievement of tumorless boundaries of resection is the only way to improve the long-term results of treatment that can require expanded volume of the operation hemihepatectomy, the resection of extrahepatic bile ducts, the portal vein and hepatic artery, expanded lymph dissection as well as liver transplantation.
The description of two cases of a radical surgical treatment of the given pathology by means of right-side hemihepatectomy with the resection of extrahepatic bile ducts and orthotopic liver transplantation with lymph dissection in both cases is presented in the article. There is also the literature review devoted to the main tendencies in hepatorbiliary surgery and liver transplantation used to treat cholangiocarcinoma of the proximal extrahepatic ducts, the most widely spread of which are the following: hemihepatectomy with caudaltectomy and the portal vein resection and orthotopic liver transplantation with neoadjuvant chemical radial and brachial therapies.

Keywords: Klatskin tumor, hemihepatectomy, resection of extrahepatic bile ducts and portal vein, liver transplantation
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