Year 2009 Vol. 17 No 2




The article is dedicated to the post-operative recurrent goiter which is a significant problem of the endocrine surgery. The performed literature data analysis shows that up to present there hasn’t been any definition of the term “recurrent goiter”; generally accepted classification of the given pathology is absent as well.
Based on his own experience of the recurrent goiter treatment the author suggests the definition of the term “recurrent goiter”, formulates recommendations concerning the use of various diagnostic investigations.
The main causes resulted in the post-operative complications are determined; recommendations on their prevention are given. The technique of the operation in case of recurrent goiter permitting to decrease the incidence rate of the post-operative paresis of the upper laryngeal nerve and hypoparathyriosis is described in details. Special attention is paid to the fact that in the majority of cases the complications after surgeries of the nodal diseases of the thyroid are caused by technical mistakes made during surgical operations. That’s why the main preventive measure is qualification improvement of surgeons who carry out such operations.

Keywords: nodal goiter, recurrent nodal goiter, upper laryngeal nerve, hypoparathyriosis.
p. 166 – 171 of the original issue
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