Year 2008 Vol. 16 No 2




The analysis of the immediate results and distant outcomes of the treatment of 325 patients with various pathologies of the soft tissues of the shoulder proximal region, shoulder joint and damages of the bone frame of this region has been carried out.
Clinical efficacy has been studied and expediency has been evaluated concerning the narrowing elimination of the humeroscapular space by means of the lower total (up to 2/3) resection of the acromial process and coracoacromial ligament removal, of displacement and fixation of the acromial part of the musculus deltoideus on the upper surface of the acromial process of the scapula in the patients with the shoulder rotator cuff pathology, with chronic dislocations of the shoulder, with fractures and false joints of the proximal region of the shoulder bone.
It has been found out that along with the surgical reconstruction of the anatomical integrity of the proximal region of the shoulder bone, decompression of the humeroscapular space is the obligatory condition of the proper functioning of the shoulder joint. The surgery suggested by the authors is the most optimal variant of the humeroscapular compression elimination.

Keywords: shoulder joint, pathology, decompression.
p. 57 – 66 of the original issue
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