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Endoplasmatic liver reticulum in rats provides the formation and export to the blood of lipid-protein complexes participating thus in the lipid transport system. There is no information in the literature concerning lipid spectrum changing of the liver endoplasmatic reticulum in case of generalized inflammatory processes. Changes of the phospholipid spectrum and fatty acids composition of lysophosphatides, phosphatidylcholines and phosphatidylethanolamines of the liver microsomas in white outbred rats at experimental peritonitis were investigated in the given article. The signs of increase of phospholipids supply to the liver mitochondria were revealed possibly to provide their functional activity. Increase of saturated fatty acids inclusion in phospholipids was marked which could activate D6-desaturase and endogenic polyunsaturated fatty acids production as well as cytochrome P450 activation and ksenobiotics detoxication increase. The signs of increase of digomo-g-linolenic acid export and decrease of arachidic acid supply were found out that could be one of the control factors of the inflammatory process by means of prostanoids production formed from digomo-g-linolenic acid and possessing less activity than prostanoids formed from arachidic acid.

Keywords: peritonitis, endoplasmatic reticulum of the liver, lipid spectrum, phospholipid spectrum
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