Year 2023 Vol. 31 No 3

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H.A. Popel, I.A. Maiseyenka, R.R. Zhmailik, Yu.P. Ostrovsky
Comparative Analysis of Inflammatory Response in Animal Organism after Abdominal Aortic Replacement
Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Cardiology, Minsk,
Republic of Belarus
p. 181-189 of the original issue

V.V. Beschastnov, V.V. Antoshina, N.Yu. Orlinskaya, A.A. Tulupov, I.E. Pogodin, M.G. Ryabkov
Skin Microtransplantation Accelerates Wound Healing Due to Increased Processes of Proliferation and Vascularization
Privolzhskiy Research Medical University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation
p. 190-202 of the original issue

R.V. Tarasov 1, 2, S.S. Sadovnikova 1, 3, E.V. Krasnikova 1, M.A. Bagirov 1, 3
Transsternal Occlusion of the Main Bronchus with Simultaneous Plasty of the Anterior Mediastinum with a Mesh Implant in Patients with Generalized Complicated Destructive Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Central Tuberculosis Research Institute 1,
Moscow Medical University "Reaviz" 2,
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Further Professional Education "Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education" of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation 3, Moscow,
Russian Federation
p. 203-210 of the original issue

B.K. Osmonaliev, B.A. Avasov, U.S. Musaev, R.B. Asylbashev, J.T. Konurbaeva
Algorithm of Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastroesophageal RefluxDisease
The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I.K. Akhunbaev, Bishkek ,
Republic of Kyrgyzstan
p. 211-219 of the original issue

Y.I. Galitskaya 1, S.L. Achinovich 2, Z.A. Dundarov 3, D.A. Evseenko 3
Clinical and Morphologic Criteria of Scarring Skin Changes
State Institution RSPC for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology MH RB 1,
Gomel Regional Clinical Oncologic Dispensary MH RB 2,
Educational Institution Gomel State Medical Universities, MH RB 3, Gomel,
Republic of Belarus
p. 220-230 of the original issue

M.D. Romanov 1, E.M. Kireeva 1, 2
Peculiarities of Bezoar-Induced Small Bowel Obstruction
National Research Mordovia State University 1,
Republican Clinical Hospital No 4 2, Saransk,
Russian Federation
p. 231-239 of the original issue


N.V. Lebedev, A.E. Klimov, A.P. Belyakov, V.S. Shadrina
Laparoscopic Operations of Generalized Secondary Peritonitis
Peoples Friendship University of Russia. Moscow, Russian Federation
p. 240-249 of the original issue


I.B. Goginava 1, S.A. Goloborodko 2, 3
Intratendinous Ganglion of the Finger Extensor of the Hand: Case Report
West Georgia Medical Center1, Kutaisi 1, Georgia.
Kharkov National Medical University 2,
KNP HOS Regional Clinical Traumatological Hospital 3, Kharkov,
p. 250-254 of the original issue
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