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Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies1,
European Medical Center 2,
N.N. Petrov National Medical Research Center of Oncology 3,
Moscow City Oncological Hospital 624,
A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery5 Moscow,
The Russian Federation

According to the low-dose computed tomography, conducted as a part of the screening, the pulmonary nodule is the most common finding, but the primary low-dose computed tomography does not allow determining the etiology, so these patients are repeated the low-dose computed tomography depending on the size, or additional methods of examination and verification are performed.
In the international medical communities that develop lung cancer screening programs, a fundamental place is occupied by guideline for pulmonary nodules identified by low-dose computed tomography.
The literature review is devoted to the relevance of the problem in pulmonary nodule verification with additional studies (computed tomography, positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography) and different variations of biopsies under visualization control (under the control of CT, ultrasound). It is shown that different methods of verification are to be used most efficiently depending on the localization of pulmonary nodule, as well as on the basis of the oncoconsilium decision.
Unfortunately, the analysis of the literature revealed no scientific papers showing the positive and negative sides of subpleural biopsy nodules identified in the screening under the control of ultrasound and computed tomography. When assessing pulmonary nodule using such an expensive method as positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography, which have many false positive results. In subpleural localization of the pulmonary nodule it is more rational to use biopsy under visualization control. Conducting in this aspect of large prospective randomized controlled studies would allow a more reasonable approach to the selection of the choice verification and additional methods for assessing pulmonary nodule.

Keywords: low-dose computed tomography, lung cancer screening, lung cancer, biopsy of subpleural nodules, nodule verification, guideline for pulmonary nodules, solid nodules
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Information about the authors:
Gombolevsky Victor A., PhD, Head of the Department of Radiology Quality Development of Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Nikolaev Alexander E., Junior Researcher of the Department of Radiology Quality Development of Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Shapiev Arsen N., Analyst of the Department of Scientific Activities Coordination of Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Kosolapov Anatoly O., Radiologist of European Medical Center, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Gelezhe Pavel B., Radiologist of European Medical Center, Researcher of Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Barchuk Anton A., PhD, Researcher of N.N. Petrov National Medical Research Center of Oncology, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Dreval Petr A., PhD, Surgeon of Moscow City Oncological Hospital 62, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Esakov Yury S., PhD, Surgeon of A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Morozov Sergey P., MD, Director of Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation.
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