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EE "Vitebsk State Medical University"1,
SEE "Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education"2,
The Republic of Belarus

Objectives. To generalize and to systematize the available literature data concerning pathogenetical mechanisms of the erectile dysfunction development that is thought to be a basis for a choice of treatment methods and recommendations for patients suffering from the given problem.
Methods. PubMed database was used to prepare the review (2004-2014 yrs) and an analysis of the main types of publications (original articles, randomized studies, reviews, meta-analyzes, recommendations, consensus).
Results. Previous research has found a high prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS) and diabetes mellitus among patients with erectile dysfunction as well as the similarity of original causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). MS is a complex of risk factors that appears to be determined as potentially dangerous for endothelial dysfunction development resulting in CVD and ED. The adipocytes of the visceral adipose tissue functionate as endocrine cells producing and secreting adipokines as well as a number of biochemical modulators and proinflammatory factors affecting the vascular inflammation that is thought to contribute ED development. ED treatment in patients with MS should be complex and except a specific therapy it should include prompt diagnosis as well as adequate and active treatment of any risk factors that may be revealed.
Conclusion. In the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction of vascular genesis a key role plays the combination of risk factors that lead to pathological changes of vascular endothelial function and impaired penile blood flow.
In addition to already established and well-known factors, a negative impact of perivisceral adipose tissue may be important and thereby requires further study.

Keywords: erectile dysfunction, visceral adipose tissue, testosterone, metabolic syndrome, adipocytes, endothelial function, prompt diagnosis.
p. 217-225 of the original issue
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