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Inside tendon changes in the form of hydroksiopatite calcium deposits determine the pathology of short shoulder rotators. The reasons of calcification tendinous are unknown. The majority of patients are subjected to the treatment in painful resorptive phase, but in some cases treatment is performed because of the pain development at calcinate wedging under the acromial appendix of the shoulder-blade. In the article dedicated to the treatment of 16 patients with the shoulder rotator cuff tendinous the techniques of complex medical rehabilitation are suggested used in the hospital of traumatology and orthopedy of Vitebsk medical university. Profound analysis of nearest and distant treatment results depending on the phase of symptomatic calcification tendinous was performed. It was noted that the treatment experience of patients with symptomatic calcification tendinous of the shoulder rotator cuff showed significant difficulties in choice of the operative intervention volume because of variety of this pathology clinical manifestations and changes of the cuff tendons. Though the results of treatment of patients applying the used tactics were good at the average clinical index 4,97±0,06 scores and shoulder-scapular angle opening of 99,31±5,29° in terms of 5,33±1,40 months. It was shown that longer terms of restoration of the upper limb function in some patients are determined by the expanded volume of the operation and presence of the external shoulder joint immobilization in the postoperative period.

Keywords: shoulder rotator cuff, calcification tendinous, operative treatment, medical rehabilitation
p. 62 - 68 of the original issue
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