Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 4




FSBE " Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics", of the RF Ministry of Health,
The Russian Federation

Objectives. To study the features of the functional rehabilitation of children with congenital and acquired shortenings of the lower limbs after surgical lengthening using different regimes of distraction osteosynthesis.
Methods. Treatment results of children (n=95) with congenital and acquired lower limb shortening by the Ilizarov method for distraction osteosynthesis been analyzed. The distraction regime: group 1 (n=27, mean age 9,9±4,1 yrs) – 1mm a day (n=4); group 2 (n=30, mean age 10,1±1,9 yrs) 1mm a day (n=60) in the automated regime; group 3 (n=38, mean age 11,5±2,3 yrs) – a distraction regime 1 mm a day (n=60) in an automated regime combined with intramedullary reinforcement by elastic wires with hydroxyapatite coating. After removing the Ilizarov device the restoration of normal knee and ankle joint function, the dynamics of the antagonist muscles forces and onset time walking without additional support have been assessed.
Results. It was shown that at femoral lengthening by using a robotic high-division distractor with using intramedullary reinforcement with bioactive coating, the earlier restoration of active and passive amplitude of motions in the adjacent joints, segment muscle force and complete limb axial load had occured. Such effects could be associated with both the favorable conditions for regeneration of bone and muscle tissues at high-division rate as well as with the possibility of the earlier full functional load after the removal of the Ilizarov apparatus and leaving intramedullary implants in site.
Conclusion. Thus, the combination of robotic high-division distraction (24 h) and intramedullary bioactive reinforcement creates favorable conditions for a rehabilitation process and a faster functional recovery.

Keywords: robotic automated distractor, limb lengthening, bioactive implants, intramedullary implants, regeneration, muscular system, functional rehabilitation
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