Year 2018 Vol. 26 No 4




Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education1
Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital2, Minsk,
The Republic of Belarus

The article is devoted the history of anatomical, experimental and clinical trials permitting the prognosis and improvement the blood flow in the cervical part of the intestinal grafts to perform the one-stage shunting esophagoplasty.
In the second half of the twentieth century, on the corpses, and then during angiography using the method of Seldinger, the architectonics of the basins of the upper and lower mesenteric arteries, supplying the colon, was studied in detail. Based on the results obtained, original methods for the prevention of ischemia and venous stasis in the retrospective esophagocolotransplant were proposed.
Almost simultaneously H. Shumacker and J. Battersby in London, and A. Shalimov in Kiev developed in 1950-1951 in the experiment and introduced into the clinic the technique of training of the vascular collaterals of the jejunal graft. It found application in the twenty-first century. A. Carrel in 1907 in Baltimore, and E. Kramarenko in 1921 in Odessa carried out in experiment the direct revascularization of the intestinal graft. In the clinic, this idea was embodied by W. Longmire in Baltimore in 1946. P. Androsov in Moscow since 1950 has begun to form direct arterial anastomoses with V. Gudov mechanical vasoconstrictor apparatus. In 1976 in Minsk I. Grishin performed a direct revascularization of the jejunal graft from the thoracic aorta. Due to the development of microvascular technologies, the hypervascularization of the esophagus is finding more and more supporters. Today, Belarusian surgeons widely use this technology in difficult anatomical situations to perform a one-step retrosternal esophagogastroplasty.

Keywords: esophagoplasty, mesenteric vessels, esophagocolotransplant, intravascular graft hypervascularization
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Chepik Dmitriy A., Head of the Surgical Unit 1, Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Mihsk region, Borovlyany, Republic of Belarus.
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