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Grodno State Medical University, Grodno,
The Republic of Belarus

Hemangioma of the liver is its frequent benign tumor. However, giant hemangiomas of the liver are a rare pathology. The purpose of this message is to demonstrate the successful surgical treatment of the liver giant left lobe hemangioma. The patient for a long time has linked the abdomen gradual enlargement in volume with pregnancy. The main reason for her turn for help was the presence of signs of partial intestinal obstruction and anemia. Abdominal ultrasound demonstrated the presence of tumor masses originating from the left lobe of the liver. Red blood cell transfusion in the preoperative period to correct anemia was accompanied by a pronounced enlargement of the hemangioma in 4-6 hours after transfusion, with its subsequent reduction up to the initial state during the next 24-48 hours. During laparotomy it was found out that the left lobe of the liver presented by hemangioma occupying the entire abdominal cavity. Hemangioma was removed by the resection of the left lobe of the liver. The postoperative period was uneventful. During the next 12 months of observation, the patient felt satisfactory, without any complaints. According to the biochemical blood analysis the liver function was not impaired.

Keywords: giant hemangioma of the liver, complications of liver hemangiomas, intestinal obstruction, anemia, liver resection
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