Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 5




NME "Railways Clinical Hospital on the station Irkutsk-Passazhirsky" of JSC "Russian Railways"1,
SBEE APE "Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education"2,
The Russian Federation

Objectives. To conduct the comparative analysis of the results of I.L. Lichtenshtein and CS-inguinal herniaplasty.
Methods. 172 patients were enrolled into the study. 88 patients underwent I.L.Lichtenstein inguinal hernia repair and were included in the clinical comparison group (CCG). 84 patients were operated on using the proposed combined seam (CS-plasty) technique and composed the basic group (BG).
Results. When performing hernia repair by I.L. Lichtenstein (CCG), the duration of surgery was 50,213,2 min. CS-plasty lasted for 40,3 (12,1) minutes in BG. The early incisional period was without complications both in BG and in CCG. Treatment results were followed for 84 BG patients and 85 CCG patients within the period from 12 months to 2 years. A lot more severe and long-lasting pain manifestations in early postoperative period in CCG in comparison with those in BG were registerted. Clinically significant pain syndroms occurred in nine cases in CCG at time of hospital discharge, in other words on 7th days after repair. There were no such pain manifestations in BG. Chronic pain was marked twice in CCG, no other complications were noted. Chronic pain lasted for up to 1 year and required anti-inflammatory therapy and physiotherapy. There were no delayed complications in BG. No recurrences occurred in both groups within the observed period.
Conclusion. CS-inguinal herniaplasty has many merits of existing non-tension methods. The presented plasty method is considered to be easy and allows eliminating inguinal hernia quickly and reliably. Pain manifestations are less marked in the operative zone after CS-inguinal herniaplasty in comparison with I.L. Lichtenstein technique and no cases of chronic pains were registered.

Keywords: inguinal hernia, Lichtenstein technique, surgery, repair with the mesh, CS-plasty, chronic pain, recurrences
p. 444-450 of the original issue
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Semenishcheva E.A. PhD, Chief Physician, NME "Railways Clinical Hospital on the station Irkutsk-Passazhirsky of JSC "Russian Railways".
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