Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 2




SE "Institute of Medical Radiology Named after S.P.Grigoryev of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine"1,
Kharkov National Medical University2,

Objectives. To study the ultrastructure of tumor cells and structural and functional state of the lungs in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
Methods. The study included patients (n=18) aged from 35 to 68 yrs after pneumonectomy and lobectomy for non-small cell lung cancer stage II-III. To study the ultrastructure the specimens were taken from three sites of the lung: the first site the tumor itself; the second the tissue surrounding the tumor; the third lung tissue located far from the tumor focus. The electron microscopy analysis of specimens was performed using standard methods.
Results. The study of lung adenocarcinoma showed that its characteristic feature was the formation of glandular structures, surrounded by a basement membrane, with a central lumen where cytoplasmic villi of apical part of tumor cells were protruded. Squamous carcinoma cells were arranged in clusters and fields, and sometimes so extensive that the areas of necrosis occurred in them due to the remoteness from the supplying vessels, located in the connective tissue. The main ultrastructural characteristic of those tumor cells was the presence of tonofibrils in the cytoplasm, a quantity of which could vary within fairly wide limits. The distinctive features of bronchoalveolar carcinoma were the presence of large cytoplasmic granules with lamellar content possessing by surfactant properties. It should be noted that in each of the studied NSCLC the tumor population exhibits a unique set of tumor cells with different ultrastructural features.
Conclusion. Individual ultrastructural features of tumor cells in each case of non-small cell lung cancer have been found out. It is established that in the tissues surrounding the tumor, and lung located at a distance, vascular endothelial cells have edematous cytoplasm in 100% of adenocarcinomas cases and only in 16,7 % of cases of squamous cell carcinoma.

Keywords: non-small cell lung cancer, electron microscopy, adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, surrounding tissues, lamellar content, surfactant
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Information about the authors:
Lukashova O.P. PhD, a head of team of electron microscopy of clinical radiobiology department of SE "Institute of Medical Radiology named after S.P.Grigoryev of National academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine".
Starikov V.I. MD, professor, a head of the oncology chair of Kharkov National Medical University.
Basylaishvili S.Y. A 3rd year post-graduate student of the oncology chair of Kharkov National Medical University.
Bely A.N. PhD, an associate professor of the oncology chair of Kharkov National Medical University.
Teslenko I.N. A laboratory assistant of the team of electron microscopy of clinical radiobiology department of SE "Institute of Medical Radiology named after S.P.Grigoryev of National academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine".
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