Year 2016 Vol. 24 No 2




Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education1,
Kharkov Regional Clinical Traumatological Hospital2, Ukraine

Kienböcks disease (avascular necrosis of the lunate carpal bone) occurs most often in men aged 18 to 40 years as for the patients older than 60 yrs it observes extremely rare (especially on both hands) and is described in a few works.
The article presents an extremely rare case of bilateral Kienbocks disease in the elderly patient. A patient of 63-yr-old complained of a sharp pain in the right wrist when moving and especially during physical activity, reduction of amplitude of the active-passive movements in joint and working ability infringement. Pain and limitation of movement in the right wrist appeared for no reason 7 months ago. The condition gradually deteriorated. Conservative treatment wasnt carried out. After clinical and radiographic examination Kienbocks disease stage IIIB was diagnosed.
Proximal row carpectomy was performed. Treatment outcome was assessed 13 months after the surgery. The patient subjectively noted a significant pain relief during physical activity, improvement of limb function and disability. The amplitude of passive movements at the wrist joint was increased. During a follow-up the patient also said that pain without any reason had appeared in the left wrist 2 months ago. X-ray was performed and Kienböcks disease stage IIIB of the left wrist was found out. The man refused any treatment. Three years after the operation during a telephone survey a patient reported that the state of the operated limb has not worsened.

Keywords: wrist disease, lunate bone, bilateral Kienböcks disease, avascular necrosis, carpectomy, physical activity, elderly patient
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