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The article presents an overview of domestic and foreign literature on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent varicose veins. Two current classification schemes to assess the recurrence of varicose veins of the lower limbs, depending on the primary surgery: REVAS and PREVAIT have been proposed. Moreover the incidence of recurrence of varicose veins after different methods of eliminating of primary disease has been analyzed. The literature review summarizes the views of a number of foreign authors concerning the definition of the concept of "recurrence of varicose veins of the lower extremities". The conventional concepts and current hypotheses concerning the causes of this complication are presented. The significance of ultrasound duplex angioscanning leg veins as the best diagnostic method to identify accurately the main pathological and hemodynamic causes of disease recurrence has been highlighted. The feature of both classical and current correction methods of recurrent lower limb varicose veins is given in the review. The using of the combination of various non-surgical treatment techniques depending on the definite clinical situation allows increasing the modern high quality medical aid provided to such severe patients is demonstrated.

Keywords: lower limb varicose veins, recurrence, operation, foam sclerotherapy, laser obliteration, radiofrequency obliteration, miniphlebectomy
p. 447-451 of the original issue
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