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SBE Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk,
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Today angiodysplasia of the external localization is considered to be rather difficult field of clinical angiology as it is relatively rare and insufficiently familiar pathology for practitioners. The magnitude of the problem is determined by the real risk of complications: venous ulcers, thrombosis, major bleeding from the transformed tissues, and disorders of the central hemodynamics due to abnormal arteriovenous reset. Furthermore, for angiodysplasias is characterized by the significant functional and anatomical disorders, cosmetic defects, and progressive course, that in aggregate are know to cause disability and disability in relatively young age. To treat angiodysplasia the staged surgeries are carried out in some cases, which are traumatic and invalidity in a great number of complications such as bleeding, trophic ulcers, hypertrophic and keloid scars in 7,4-20% of patients. The frequency of postoperative recurrence reaches 30-48% due to the objective (prevalence of the process) and subjective (underestimation of lesion) causes.
The review provides historical information about congenital vascular malformations; the characteristic of the classification systems is presented; different methods of diagnosis and treatment of angiodysplasia are analyzed as well as complications. Despite significant progress in this area, associated with the introduction of the modern instrumental methods in the diagnostics algorythm of current instrumental methods, literature data are of contradictory nature and there is no consensus concerning the choice of the most optimal methods and term of surgical treatment. The conducted analysis indicates need for further research of this pathology. Introduction of minimally invasive surgical techniques for angiodysplasia surgical treatment seems to be promising.

Keywords: hemangioma, angiodysplasia, rteriovenous malformation, arteriovenous fistula, vascular malformation, venous malformation, vascular abnomalties, classification, sclerotherapy, diode lasers
p. 601-610 of the original issue
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