Year 2014 Vol. 22 No 4




SBEE HPE Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov,
The Russian Federation

Objectives. To study the psychological profile of patients with colon cancer (CC) at surgical treatment taking into consideration the gender peculiarities.
Methods. The patients (n=181) with colon cancer have been examined. All the patients have been operated on. The psycho-physiological state and psychodynamic personality traits have been assessed with the following methods: a test that could be used to diagnose the health, activity and mood (HAM test), test of self-esteem by Dembo-Rubinstein, Lüscher color test, manifest anxiety scale (MAS), standardized diagnostic interview Individual perception of health state and heart rate variability test.
Results. Personality traits of patients are characterized by introversion, distortion of self-rated health, stigmatization of life course. A large number of introverts are characterized by a specific attitude towards to the disease. This type of reaction is associated with feelings inside, the patients can not splash out all the accumulated emotions caused to a high neuro-mental stress. Psycho-emotional stress causes reconstruction of autonomic nervous system functioning towards sympathetic system activation. The suppression of basic necessities (rejected basic colors) was observed in the most patients prior and after operation. It characterizes a high anxiety level and less effective compensating behavior.
Some of the gender differences have been revealed which are as follows: women show a higher anxiety level, low spirits, as well as a negative attitude towards life. After the operation a probability of sexual neuroses, fits of anger, nervous exhaustion and cardiovascular disorders are observed in women.
Conclusions. The patients with colon cancer are considered to be in a state of psychological disadaptation with the following specific peculiarities: introversion, protective distortion of self-rated health, a heightened anxiety and a high level of stress, predominance of sympathetic autonomic regulation. Some gender differences have been detected: women are more prone to stress-related anxiety, mood disorders, depressive states, as well as self-assessment of various aspects of life are lower in women and they have more critical attitude toward themselves and more doubts about a favorable clinical outcome. The patients suffered from colon cancer should be provided with professional clinical, psychological and psychotherapeutic care.

Keywords: colon cancer, psychological stress, gender differences, autonomic nervous system, state of fear
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Semionkin Evgeniy Ivanovich
Information about the authors:
Semionkin E.I. PhD, an associate professor of the faculty surgery chair with the course of anesthesia and reanimation of SBEE HPE Ryazan Medical University.
Yakovleva N.V. PhD, an associate professor, a head of the general psychology chair with the course of pedagogy of SBEE HPE Ryazan Medical University.
Kulikov E.P. MD, professor, a head of the oncology chair with the course of radiation diagnostics of SBEE HPE Ryazan Medical University.
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