Year 2013 Vol. 21 No 6




SE Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov,
The Republic of Belarus

Objectives. To study the long-term treatment results of patients with malignant tumors of the vermiform appendix.
Methods. The treatment results of malignant tumors of the vermiform appendix have been analyzed in 74 patients being supervised during the period from 1993 to June, 2012.
Results. 23 of 31 patients with carcinoid of the vermiform appendix were subjected to appendectomy at the specialized oncological departments. All the patients were suggested to undergo the right-sided hemicolectomy. The operation was performed in 21 patients. 7 patients were examined at the oncology hospitals and after making a diagnosis the right-sided hemicolectomy was carried out.
The vermiform appendix cancer was diagnosed in 43 patients. 15 surgeries for cancer of the appendix were carried out in specialized oncological facilities. The right-sided hemicolectomy was done in 13 patients, in 4 cases the operation had a palliative character due to the tumor dissemination. Palliative appendectomy of the tumor was carried out in 1 patient and in another one the operation was completed by the exploratory laparotomy. 28 patients underwent appendectomy at the surgical departments. Dissemination of the abdominal cavity was revealed during appendectomy in 3 of them, in another three patients the right-sided hemicolectomy was performed during laparotomy. Radical right-sided hemicolectomy was carried out in 22 patients, metastasis to the regional lymph nodes was detected in one of them. No local-regional recurrence was revealed in any case in patients with carcinoid of the vermiform appendix after the right-sided hemicolectomy during further observation. 5-year survival rate made up 86,67,2%. Dissemination of the abdominal cavity was found out in 1 patient with the vermiform appendix adenocarcinoma during the first year after the right-sided hemicolectomy; all the rest patients are alive without any signs of the tumor process progressing after the right-sided hemicolectomy. Patients with dissemination of the tumor process of the abdominal cavity died in terms up to 6 months. 5-year survival rate made up 81,86,3%.
Conclusions. The right-sided hemicolectomy is indicated to the patients with malignant tumors of the vermiform appendix.

Keywords: vermiform appendix, carcinoid, cancer, treatment outcomes
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