Year 2013 Vol. 21 No 4




NSME Railway Clinical Hospital JS Russian Raiways1,
FSBE NRI of Experimental Medicine of NWD of RAMS,
SBEE HPE North-Western State University named after I.I. Mechnikov 3,
The Russian Federation

In recent years a surgical method and scleroobliteration by ethanol solution (70% and 96%) have been most frequently used in treatment of angiodysplasia.
A serious disadvantage of sclerosing by alcohols is considered to be the inability of dosing of necrosis both in depth and in the area as well as entering alcohol solution in the blood bed or a tissue burn near the tumor. That is why specialists more frequently use polidocanol or sodium tetradecyl as safer sclerosis agents. Combining of several methods (endovasal laser obliteration, phleboscleroobliteration, surgery) has permitted to advance treatment efficacy and improve a cosmetic result.The result of a successful combined treatment of the venous facial dysplasia in young female patient is presented in the research. Phleboscleroobliteration, endovenous laser and surgical treatment with good functional and cosmetic effect have been carried out step by step.

Keywords: venous dysplasia, phleboscleroobliteration, endovasal laser obliteration, surgical treatment
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Son'kin Igor' Nikolaevich
Information about the authors:
Sonkin I.N. PhD, a head of the department of vascular surgery of NSME Railway clinical hospital of JSC Russian railways, Saint-Petersburg.
Shaidakov E.V. MD, professor, deputy director for research and clinical work of FSBE NRI of Experimental Medicine of Northwestern division of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Saint-Petersburg.
Mihailov V.V. PhD, associate professor of maxillofacial surgery chair of SBEE HPE Northwestern State University named after I.I. Mechnikov.
Remizov A.S. PhD, vicechief physician for surgery of NSME Railway clinical hospital of JSC Russian railways, Saint-Petersburg.
Krylov D.V. A surgeon of the department of vascular surgery of NSME Railway clinical hospital of JSC Russian railways, Saint-Petersburg.
Chernykh K.P. A surgeon of the department of vascular surgery of NSME Railway clinical hospital of JSC Russian railways, Saint-Petersburg.
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