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Post-thrombotic disease (PTD) influences negatively on patient health and have a major economic impact to health-care services. Being the sequence of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) due to partial or complete venous occlusion and valvular reflux leading to increasing of venous pressure in the microcirculatory vascular bed.
The inflammatory process at DVT can contribute to the resorption of blood thrombus and it causes the destruction of venous valves. The diagnosis of PTD is principally based on clinical manifestations such as feelings of heaviness or pain in the leg, swelling, itch, convulsions, trophic ulcer and lipodermatosclerosis. Villalta scale is considered to be the most preferable among some clinical scales or classification of PTD. Risk factors for PTD development include a proximal DVT and recurrent thrombosis as well as obesity and varicose veins, non-adequate anticoagulation therapy of DVT. The treatment of PTD is usually performed according to the same principles as chronic venous insufficiency with compression therapy application and lower extremities elevation position. The role of vasoactive drugs in prevention and treatment of PTD has been studied insufficiently. Surgery can be applied only to very limited number of patients. Further studies are desperately needed to find out the role of thrombolysis and thrombectomy which by this time seem to be promising treatment. For patients with DVT more attention should be given to prescribing and application of compression hosiery.

Keywords: post-thrombotic disease, deep venous thrombosis, conservative treatment, surgical treatment, prevention
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