Year 2013 Vol. 21 No 3




SRI of Mother and Child Health Protection 1,
State University of Medicine and Pharmacy named after N. Testemitsanu 2,
National Scientific Practical Center of Emergency Medicine 3,
The Republic of Moldova

Postoperative scar endometriosis (PSE) is considered to be a rare form of extragenital endometriosis and some case reports or small case series are published in the literature. Most frequently PSE is diagnosed after cesarean sections although observations of the given pathology after transabdominal gynecological and surgical procedure are also described. The authors present the case of preoperatively diagnosed and surgically treated PSE three years after cesarean section. The diagnosis was confirmed after morphological research of the removed macropreparation. There was no PSE recurrence in the long-term follow up period. We propose the literature review regarding the etiology, pathogenesis, particularities of the clinical signs, sensitivity and specificity of the radiological methods of diagnosis, as well as the principles of PSE surgical management.

Keywords: extragenital endometriosis, anterior abdominal wall
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2004, Respublika Moldova, g. Kishinev, ul. Toma Chorbe, d. 1, Natsional'nyi nauchno-prakticheskii tsentr urgentnoi meditsiny,
Mishin Igor' Valentinovich
Information about the authors:
Mishina A.E. PhD, a head of the operative gynecology, SRI of mother and child health protection of the Republic of Moldova.
Gladun S.E. PhD, an assistant of the obstetrics and gynecology chair of the faculty of the Postgraduate Educational of State University of Medicine and Pharmacy named after N.Testemitsanu.
Zastavnitsky G.M. PhD, a researcher of the laboratory of hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery of State University of Medicine and Pharmacy named after N. Testemitsanu.
Mishin I.V. MD, a deputy director on scientific-research work of National Scientific Practical Center of Emergency Medicine, a leading researcher of the laboratory of hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery of State University of Medicine and Pharmacy named after N.A. Testemitsanu.
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