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EE Vitebsk State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus

Objectives. To determine, using the ultrasound investigation (USI) data, the basic anatomical and functional characteristics of the main superficial veins of the lower limbs in the preterminal section at the lower limbs varicose veins (LLVV) taking into consideration clinical forms and duration of the disease.
Methods. According to the ultrasound angioscanning data, the evaluation of the large and small subcutaneous veins in the preterminal sections of 82 patients with primary varicose veins of the lower limbs (clinical classes C2-C6 CEAP) and 30 volunteers with no signs of this pathology was carried out. The diameter of the veins and the functional state of the terminal valve apparatus were determined. The obtained data were analyzed taking into account the duration of the disease and a clinical class.
Results. Distinct anatomical and functional changes in the preterminal section of the large subcutaneous vein (LSV) at LLVV were identified in most patients. Exhibiting in the form of the lumen dilatation and the terminal valve apparatus failure, these changes have already been present in the early stages of the disease, including those with relatively mild form of the disease. Increase of the LSV diameter in the pretrial section is observed together with the progression of the disease severity and it is not typical in case of lengthening of the disease duration. Reduction of the tonic-elastic properties of the LSV at LLVV can be characterized by an increase in the elasticity index: ratio of the vein diameter, determined in orthostasis and clinostasis.
Conclusions. Detected characteristic signs of the anatomical and functional changes of the main superficial veins at the lower limbs varicose veins are revealed at the early terms of the disease progression including rather mild forms of the pathology and they are accompanied by capability reduction for LSV to maintain its own tonus.

Keywords: large subcutaneous vein, preterminal section, varicose veins, dilatation, reflux, elasticity index
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