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SBEE HPE Kursk State Medical University,
The Russian Federation

Objectives. To study the the influence of the plasma enriched with platelets and of the drug "Myelopid" on the course of acute and chronic ischemia of the lower limbs.
Methods. The experimental research has been performed on 120 rats-males of the Vistar line as well as the results of investigation and treatment of 30 patients with chronic ischemia of the lower limbs caused by the obliterating atherosclerosis were analyzed.
Experimental animals have been divided into four groups: control and three experimental. The back limb ischemia was modelled by excision of the main vessel, including femoral, popliteal and initial parts of the arteries of the shin. Treatment wasnt carried out in the control group of animals after ischemia modeling. The plasma enriched with platelets was injected into the muscles of the hip and the shin in the first experimental group of rats; the second experimental group got the drug "Myelopid"; the third experimental group was injected wich the plasma enriched with platelets as well as "Myelopid".
500 ml of control blood analysis was taken from the patients and the plasma enriched with platelets was prepared. 100 ml of autoplasma was injected under ultrasound control into more ischemic limb along the deep artery of the thigh and popliteal artery.
Results. Intramuscular introduction of the plasma enriched with platelets, and "Myelopid" in the ischemic limbs of animals authentically has increased the level of microcirculation and reduced the area of necrosis of the muscles. In case of their combined introduction negative results have been received. The volume blood flow in the investigated limb has 1,4 times increased in patients after treatment; the main blood flow and microcirculation level has 1,2 times increased.
Conclusions. Applications of autoplasma enriched with platelets and the preparation "Myelopid" has been pathogenetically proved for use in treatment of the patients with chronic ischemia of the lower limbs.

Keywords: obliterating diseases,the lower limbs ischemia, conservative treatment, autoplasma, platelets, Myelopid
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Sukovatykh Boris Semenovich
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Sukovatykh B.S., doctor of medical sciences, professor, a head of the general surgery chair of SBEE of HPE Kursk State Medical University.
Orlova A.Yu., candidate of medical sciences, an applicant for Doctors degree of the general surgery chair of SBEE of HPE Kursk State Medical University.
Artyushkova E.B., doctor of biological sciences, a director of the Scientific research institute of ecologic medicine of SBEE of HPE Kursk State Medical University.
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