Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 2




Nefteyugansk city hospital 1,
SEE HPE Smolensk State Medical Academy2,
The Russian Federation

Objectives. To improve the treatment results of elderly and senile patients with giant ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.
Methods. Operative treatment analysis of 61 patients (22,3%) out of 274 patients with giant stomach and duodenum ulcers was performed. The patients were divided into 2 groups. The main group included 148 patients, 133 (89,9%) of them were of old age and 15 (10,1%) of senile age correspondently. 126 patients of young and mean age were included in the comparison group. The average age in the main group made up 66,15,6; in the comparison group 46,49,4. 75 (50,6%) patients in the main group had ulcers of the stomach; in the comparison group 62 (49,2%) patients had it. Duodenum ulcers in the main group were revealed in 73 patients (49,4%), and in the comparison group in 64 patients (50,8%).
Results. The main indications for the operation in both groups were hemorrhage and perforation.
25 (16,9%)out of 148 patients underwent surgical treatment: 18 patients (72%) with duodenum ulcer and 7 patients (28%) with gastric ulcer. There were 7 planned operations (28%) and 18 emergent operations (72%). The choice of operation volume in elderly patients depended on condition severity grounded by the character of the accompanying pathology, the degree of poly-organ insufficiency expression and blood loss degree.
In the comparison group 36 patients (28,6%) out of 126 were operated on. 11 patients (17,7%) out of 64 with duodenum ulcers underwent surgical interventions. 25 patients (40,3%) out of 62 with gastric ulcers were operated on. The majority of patients were operated on emergently 23 patients (63,9%) and urgently 7 patients (19,4%); there were 6 (16,7%) planned operations.
Postoperative lethality in the main group made up 16%, 4 out of 25 patients died. Postoperative lethality in the comparison group made up 2,8%, 1 patient died.
Conclusions. Minimal according to their volume surgeries in elderly and senile patients with severe accompanying pathology in case of life-threatening complications are less risky and should be the method of choice in the given category of patients.

Keywords: ulcer, surgical treatment, organ-saving operations, elderly age
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Narezkin Dmitrii Vasil'evich
Information about the authors:
Zharov S.V., a surgeon of the department of surgery, Nefteyugansk city hospital.
Narezkin D.V., doctor of medical sciences, associate professor, a head of the chair of faculty surgery, SBEE HPE "Smolensk State Medical Academy," the Ministry of health and social development.
Romanenkov S.N., a surgeon of the department of surgery, Nefteyugansk city hospital.
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