Year 2012 Vol. 20 No 2




EE Vitebsk State Medical University,
The Republic of Belarus

Objectives. To study NF (neurofilament) expression in the pancreas tissue at chronic pancreatitis as well as the correlation of its expression degree and fibrous changes expression.
Methods. Using morphological, immunohistochemical, morphometric and statistical methods we investigated pancreas of 43 patients with chronic pancreatitis in whom duodenum-saving resection of its head had been done.
Results. Morphometric assessment revealed fibrous changes variation from 10 to 98% in pancreas at chronic pancreatitis. Degree of NF expression varied from 0 to 251 points and didnt depend on the fibrous changes expression (p>0,05). Percentage of positive expressed nerve elements varied from 0 to 100, signing the decrease of mature and viable elements in pancreas specimens with more severe fibrous changes.
Conclusions. It was found out that in the pancreas at chronic pancreatitis marked fibrous changes were developing together with the diffused degenerative changes of parenchyma and the nervous tissue was involved with it total area increase. The area of mature and viable nerve tissue was decreased

Keywords: chronic pancreatitis, pancreas fibrosis, nerve tissue, neurofilament, expression degree
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Information about the authors:
Klopova V.A., a post-graduate student of the pathologic anatomy chair of EE "Vitebsk State Medical University."
Samsonova I.V., candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, a head of the pathological anatomy chair of EE "Vitebsk State Medical University."
Shchastny A.T., candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the surgery chair of the faculty of advanced training and retraining of specialists of EE Vitebsk State Medical University.
Kugaev M.I., an assistant of the chair of general surgery of EE Vitebsk State Medical University.
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