Year 2011 Vol. 19 No 5




Objectives. To evaluate the results of clinical application of the worked out method of anastomosis formation between the stomach and jejunum using the apparatuses of the mechanical suture at Billroth-2 stomach resection.
Methods. A new method of the gastro-jejunal anastomosis formation at Billroth-2 stomach resection was worked out, providing the visual control of hemostasis of mechanical suture line. The analysis of a new operative method application was carried out in 50 patients; dynamics of anastomosis healing at its formation with hand stitch and with a new method was studied as well as the postoperative complications and terms of hospitalization, and distant results of the operation. As a control of the treatment results in were compared 30 patients in whom of Albert-Schmieden hand stitch was applied.
Results. The worked out method of the gastro-jejunal anastomosis formation permits to shorten the time of the intervention. The course of postoperative period is easier at its application. The method allows reducing the number of complications and terms of patients treatment after the operation. In the distant period good and satisfactory results were registered in all operated patients with the use of the given method.
Conclusions. A suggested method of anastomosis formation between the stomach and jejunum during Billroth II stomach resection has a number of advantages in comparison with a traditional one and it can be recommended for widespread clinical use.

Keywords: stomach resection, gastro-jejunal anastomosis, method of formation, intestinal suture
p. 60 – 66 of the original issue
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