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The article is devoted to the clinical manifestations, course and treatment methods of a severe illness of the famous Russian poet Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov, which the poet had during the last years of his life and which resulted in his untimely death in the prime of his creativity. At the beginning of 1877 it wasn’t a secret that the poet was terminally ill and all lovers of the Russian literature took this news as a personal grief. Such famous doctors as E.I. Bogdanovsky, N.A. Belogolovy, T. Bilrot, N.V. Sklifosovsky and S.P. Botkin treated the poet but unfortunately they couldn’t help him. Despite unbearable sufferings exactly in this period the poet managed to write his famous cycle of poems «Last songs». In his last poems, feeling hopelessness, doom and inevitable death the poet addressed to the people with a farewell revelation, the most sacred trust and sincere which were in his soul.

Keywords: Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov, illness of a poet
p. 3 – 7 of the original issue
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