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While preparing this paper the application of the early surgical tactics in the patients with frostbite of large segments of the upper and lower limbs has been studied. The results of treatment are compared with the group of patients who underwent traditional therapy. The analysis has shown that use of the early necrotomy during pathogenetic treatment of the patients with frostbites of large limb segments produces favorable conditions for frostbites treatment and permits to carry out radical operations at early stages. The performed comparison testifies that application of the early necrotomy in the complex treatment permits to decrease significantly the development of purulent-septic complications, to shorten the total staying at the in-patient department and the terms of temporal incapacity for work; it also makes possible the improvement of medical aid quality to the patients with this pathology.

Keywords: frostbites of large limb segments, early necrotomy
p. 141 – 144 of the original issue
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