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Pancreatic ascites (PA) is a rare and insufficiently explored complication of chronic pancreatitis (CP). There are certain difficulties in differential diagnostics and determining of the surgical treatment tactics of PA. This report concerns the principles of diagnostics and the results of treatment for PA in the patients suffering from CP. The retrospective analysis of surgical treatment results of PA in 14 patients is carried out. Video laparoscopy and external drainage of PA is performed in 8 patients. Introduction of in clinical practice has allowed defining the PA reason as a defect of the main pancreatic channel with the formation of the internal pancreatic fistula. Application of the one-stage internal drainage principle of PA in 6 patients has permitted to reduce the terms of hospitalization and to improve the results of treatment in this group of the patients suffering from CP. The comparative effect estimation of various kinds of surgical interventions is carried out with the use of questionnaire SF-36 v.2, which allows estimating the quality of life in the patients suffering from CP.

Keywords: pancreatic ascites, chronic pancreatitis
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