Year 2006 Vol. 14 No 3



Our initial experience in carotid surgery is described in the article. The retrospective analysis of 38 cases is performed. All the patients came to see vascular surgeon with the initial complaints of intermittent claudication. 38 patients suffering from cerebrovascular disease were being operated on at Gomel regional vascular surgery department from October, 2005 till June, 2006. Among them there were 97,4% males and 2,6% females at the average age of 60,88,6. Ultrasound duplex scanning was applied as the basic method of instrumental diagnostics. The direct arterial blood pressure monitoring was carried on during the operation itself and then during the first days after it. Lethal outcome comprises 0%; early post-operative complications comprise 7,9%.

Keywords: carotid surgery, brachiocephal vessels, diagnostics, efficacy of the operative treatment
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